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    Potassium fluoride
    Potassium fluotitanate
    Sodium monofluorophosphate
    Sodium fluoride
    Sodium fluorborate
    Zirconium potassium fluoride
    Strontium fluoride
    Calcium acetate monohydrate
    Polyaluminium chloride
    Magnesium fluoride
    Potassium fluoborate
    Potassium fluosilicate
    Barium fluoride
    Ammonium fluoroborate
    Calcium acetate

    Wuxi Ruiyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. is specialized in development, production and sale of inorganic fluoride series. With strong technology power, advanced equipment, scientific management, profession lab centre and technicians, the company has ability to satisfy clients' every requirement. The main products are: potassium fluozirconate, magnesium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate and other fluorides.

    The company is located in Wuxi where enjoys beautiful landscape, developed economy and convenient transportation. The company always considers market as guide, seeks survival by quality and seeks development by credit. With high-quality products and all-round service, the company warmly welcomes all friends from home and abroad to visit, negotiate and cooperate with us for mutual better development!


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